Semi-permanent make-up


What is semi-permanent make-up?

Semi-permanent pigments are applied to the surface layer of skin, designed to define and enhance natural facial features. The pigments are implanted using microfine needles, a process which is also known as micro-pigmentation or cosmetic tattooing. Effects will gradually fade over time, depending on factors such as age, exposure to sun and general skin care; however, top-ups can rectify this.

What areas can be worked on?

Lip liner, eyeliner or eyebrows

What about recovery?

Clients are likely to experience minor swelling of the treated area, which should fade over the following one or two days. The area will also look darker in colour immediately afterwards, with final results taking a few days to appear.

What happens at sessions?

Following a consultation to discuss the desired effect, treatment will be carried out in one application.




Salt and saline brows tattoo removal – £80 each session
A salt/saline solution is a common, effective approach to lightening tattoos. Although it is a slower process than other treatments, this method is popular because it is safer than other tattoo removal procedures. In addition, a salt/saline solution treatment is ideal for those with darker skin tones, those with sensitive skin, and those who have had an allergic reaction to tattoo pigment. This method can lighten tattoos on any area, including around the eyes.
Hair Stroke Brows – £200
The hair stroke eyebrow is a technique that is used to create and mimic tiny hairs using a very fine nano needle. This is a very soft brow for those who don't want the obvious made up look.
Hair Stroke Brows and Shading (combination) – £200
This method is the same as hair stroke brows but with subtle shading to create a bolder more defined look. Also known as the combination brow.
Powdered Brows – £200
This look uses a method to create a more bolder brow. Shading is used and the look is that of make-up.
Ombre Brows – £200
This eyebrow enhancement creates the softest shadow of colour similar to the effect created with an eyebrow powder or pencil.  It’s a great option for any age and skin type. All of the above treatments are created using a fine needle and using a  digital device. Also known as machine or tattoo method.
Microblading – £200
Fine hair strokes are created using a very fine manual blade to deposit pigment into the epidermis.  This is a very natural look however the results do not last as long as with the machine method.



Upper and Lower Lash Enhancement – £200
Lashes and eyes can be enhanced without artificial.eyeliner or lash enhancement can make eyes appear deeper, more expressive and bigger. Eyeliner strategically placed in between the lashes creating a fine line along the lash line on both upper and lower eyelids.  This gives the appearance of fuller eyelashes and helps to open up the eyes.
Upper Lash Enhancement - £200
The upper lash enhancement is the same as upper and lower lash enhancement but this just focuses on the upper lash line.
Lower Lash Enhancement – £100
The lower lash enhancement is the same as upper and lower lash enhancement but just focuses on the bottom lash line.
Beauty spot – £67
A beauty mark or beauty spot on the face can draw attention to particular areas of beauty like cheek bones, lips etc.



3D full lip blush lips – £200
3D full lip blush treatment is the perfect way to restore shape and fullness lost with age and transform thin or uneven lips. A tint is selected from a huge range of fabulous shades, to either blend with your natural lip colour or to match your favourite cosmetic lip colour. Absolutely kiss-proof and as subtle or dramatic as you desire.

Please note: Darker skin tones may not be suitable for lip permanent make up due to the natural undertones occurring in the skin pigmentation and the way that this affects the ultimate colour. Cold sore sufferers should embark on a course of anti-viral cold sore medication prior to starting their treatment and make their technician aware of this. Colour will be much more intense for initial few days after treatment.

All of the above prices include:
• A 15 minute consultation
• 2-3 hour initial appointment with precise drawing and procedure
• 1-2 hour re-touch appointment 4-12 weeks after your initial treatment
• Full after-care

Please note: your second retouch appointment must be booked and taken within 12 weeks of your initial appointment or the colour boost prices below will apply.

If a third retouch is required this will be chargeable at £50 for the session.

Colour boosts – keeping your colour fresh

• 4-12 months: £150
• 12-18 month: £175
• 18-24 months: £250. For machine method, microblading: full price
• Over 24 months: full price as above

Colour boost procedures do not include a retouch. Please note if your procedure has been done elsewhere & the colour has faded and your brows, eyeliner or lips need redesigning; this will be at full price as two appointments will be necessary.

On booking a non refundable £50 deposit is required to secure your appointment. This will be taken off the total treatment price. This will also cover your 15 minute consultation and it is here I can see if the procedure is suitable for you. Please note a patch test is required for all SPMU treatments at least 24 hours before procedure.

Once you have made a decision that this is something you wish to proceed with, it is helpful that you email or text message over a clear picture of your brows, eyes or lips (depending on treatment) and also a description of what your expectations are.  You must also fill out the consultation form. This can be done at salon or at the consultation day. From this we can see if you are suitable for the procedure.

Book a consultation

Call or email via the contact form to schedule an appointment.

Aftercare guides

If you have had one of our treatments, or you are thinking about it, please take a moment to read the aftercare advice, it is important that you become fully aware and understand what should be done by yourself both before and after a treatment in the interest of your personal health, safety, well-being and to ensure you get the best results. Ensuring you read this, will also maximise and prolong the benefits of your treatment. If you have any questions, comments or worries, please contact us straight away.

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