Coolherbals® CoolSlim Body Wrap


Gives your body a firm, slimmer look
The CoolSlim Body Wrap Kit 
is a complete at home treatment. The nearest to a salon treatment that you will get. Composed of a stomach belt, arm belts and thigh belts to help tighten and tone in the comfort of your home. Use the lock down time to work on your body. The slimming belts can be worn around the house under the clothes to carry on working whilst you work from home.

• Lose inches in 30 minutes!
• Tightens, Tones and Firms arms, stomach and legs
• Detoxifies and Softens
• No Wet Bandages
• Unique CoolSlim Neophrene Belts keep you looking visibly slimmer in between wraps or for daily use
• Use the Coolherbals Skin Firming Lotion (provided) daily to carry on looking tightened and toned!

£50 each

Coolherbals® Dermal Roller Facial Kit


Anti-wrinkle; Skin rejuvenation; Uneven Skin Tone; Suitable for Men and Women
Use for anti-aging, sun damaged, hyper pigmented, scarred and enlarged pores. The LED 633nm Red 0.3mm roller enhances skin regeneration. Rolled over the face, the healing process begins by the release of growth factors. Triggers the production of collagen and elastin in the skin
The Coolherbals Anti-Aging Serum contains Collagen, Vegetable Squalene and Hyaluronic Acid which helps in rejuvenating skin, reducing fine lines, acne scars, age spots and improving skin health
£50 each
cool-herbals_scalp roller kit

Coolherbals Nutrigro® Scalp Roller Kit for Thinning Hair


Suitable for Men and Women
Promotes healthy follicles to counteract and reverse hair thinning and hair loss. For the best chance of success, maintain your Nutrigro Scalp Roller treatment and eat healthy. This works to stimulate hair re-growth in areas of hair thinning. With a plastic device with 3mm needle. Use the Nutrigro shampoo for fuller thicker looking hair..
£50 each

Located on the top floor of Jimmy Chop Chop
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