Semi-permanent Make-up

We will be extending our semi-permantent make-up from August 2017. We will be offering the following treatments:

Lipliner with shading – Creates a thicker lip line with greater definition: £300

Full lip colour – For complete lip enhancement including lipliner and full colour fill: £350

Eyeliner top with colour enhancement – A double eyeliner for enhancing eye colours: £350

Visit the page for our current treatments

Are you looking for make up treatments for a fraction of the price? Here at Perfect Beauty, models are frequently required (starting 1st August, 2017). 

We have an extensive range of treatments available, our model sessions will only cost you £50.
Perfect Beauty offers semi-permanent make up, eyebrows treatments, lipliner or eyeliner (upper and lower) from our highly skilled, fully qualified staff.

To apply, call or text us.

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